Monthly Archives: November 2013


I have taken this wonderful idea for a homelearning mat from @WHSGeography. A simple homelearning mat that offers students a range of tasks to complete.year 8 homelearnng

 All the tasks I have created are linked in to the theme of their study for this half term.  In class, we are focusing on writing skills so I thought it might be nice to get students to focus on developing their reading skills at home. (This way it means we can hit En1, En2 and En3 every term).  The tasks have been organised according to Blooms Taxonomy which means that every child will be able to access at least one task.  The objective is for students to aim to complete three which they hand in on a given date.  They can also complete extra tasks for more reward points.

 Thanks to @WHSGeography for a great idea.  I will update to explore how the students respond to it.