Nurture 13/14

1. After 12 years in the teaching profession, I became HOF.  It isn’t the easiest gig but I am glad I have taken on the challenge.  I have confidence in myself that I can do good in this role and have already learnt so much.  I am fortunate that i work with some great people who offer support and shoulders to cry as well as wine / port as and when is necessary.  They are human and when they know I am down, they seek me out to check on me and that is the nicest thing in the world.  it is nice to work in an environment where there is a huge amount of support.

1b.  Gaining the strength to leave my last job.  Although I loved the school, the kids and most of the staff, it wasn’t the easiest place to work.  I am glad I moved on when I did.

1c. For getting through the past two terms poor results and minus two staff.  it has been enough simply to get through.

2. Twitter – it has been a comforter, a support, a source of inspiration, a faculty for dialogue and collaboration.  it keeps me going and I have met some great professionals through Twitter.

3. People I love who have had to be incredibly patient with me as work has started to take over.  They are totally understanding and forgiving.

4. Barcelona – I love travelling and managed to get away to Barcelona.  Days spent endlessly wondering, exploring and relaxing.  I loved the art in this city.  I also loved visiting Montserrat and standing looking at the immense view.

5. Theatre – I saw Les MIS on stage for the first time this year and it was so vocally perfect. It made me cry twice.  I also saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which wasn’t as good but the magic of theatre blows me away every single time.

6. Food – for all the gorgeous plates of food I have eaten.  I love eating.

Looking ahead.

1. I am fully staffed in January.  I am ready to turn this faculty around and will not give up until the kids get what they deserve.  I will delegate more to ensure this doesn’t become my sole responsibility but will create a team who is driving change forward.  They will pick up the pace, standards will improve and our results will be good. Our students will also LOVE coming to English.

1b. In delegating more, I will be able to devote more of myself to my classes.  I want to regain some of the passion for what I do, some of the creativity, inspiration.  I want learning to be fun again in my classroom.

2. At the same time, I need to nurture myself.  I want to read for pleasure, return to the gym, cook my way through the Good Food magazine and give more of myself to the people I love.  I want to have two nights off a week and one day at the weekend at least.  This won’t be easy but I know I need to take care of me.

3. I cannot wait to return to Italy for our Italian reunion.  I am beyond excited about going home (my second home anyway).

4. I would like to see The Book of Mormon… although I won’t pay £100+ for a ticket.  Either that or Wicked again, my favourite musical.

5. I want to save like a proper responsible adult.  I want to have money in the bank:  I should finish paying off my student loan this year.  Hurrah.

6. Above all, I want to stay happy and healthy.

Happy new year x




One thought on “Nurture 13/14

  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your hopes, good luck in your new role and may 2014 be a positive and rewarding year for you. Absolutely agree that you do have to nurture yourself if you’re to do your best for others….

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