The reality of the week – Sunday morning planning.

I am determined to clear my head and that means organising myself and my time.  Therefore, one of the most useful tasks I can do is plan my week.

I teach 21 out of 30 lessons so these go in first with a brief idea of the lesson content.

I then add in the line management meetings.  There are approx four a week.

I then add in PPA time – in theory this should be four but in reality this can only be three due to no. of meetings.  A set of books takes more than one PPA slot so this can be tough going.

I then have two lessons left over – one for HOF stuff and one for Literacy stuff.

More and more students are asking for intervention work so if I do not have a meeting after school, time now needs to be dedicated to the students and now, with a full team, the tutor time slot is to be given over to further Year 11 intervention to ensure we get our CA in.

I will use this document throughout the week to add to the list of jobs I need to do / have done to keep track of how I spend my time.  It sounds pretty thorough but it really does help organise my thoughts.

The life of a teacher, HOF, literacy co-ordinator is a busy one.




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