Weekly reflection log – My initial steps to metacognition and thinking about how we learn, what we learn and why

Every week now, I am trialing a reflection process with year 8.  This is done electronically through our planner live system.

Students have two tasks:

1) To reflect on the learning objectives for the week and how they felt they had met or achieved the learning objective.  This demonstrates to me a) how much they think have understood against the work produced and b) their understanding of the learning objective / key skills.

2) To identify two things they felt most proud of or that they thought they had the most success with and one area for improvement.  I want them to recognise their development over time and be positive about it.  


We are now on to our third week.  The students, initially, because it is new and they need training had mixed responses in terms of depth and quality so i am working on training them to be reflective and identify strengths and weaknesses in some depth.


I then shared this with the faculty and one amendment was offered – a target box down the bottom so that either the student or myself could go back to the target when we felt it had been met. 


Today I have added in a third column on the learning objective section so that I can respond to their reflections as well.  This is what the new reflection log looks like:




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