Developing new ways of marking

Marking is an essential part of any teacher’s diet.  It used to be that ticking and flicking the exercise books was enough as long as once a term an assessment was complete and saw raw data was compiled.

Then literacy became a focus for Ofsted and so marking for literacy was introduced.  Codes such as sp / gr / p / c and np were frequented in student’s exercise books in the hope that they might look at them at some point.

This didn’t feel quite enough, however, and so summative / formative commentaries were introduced and we ended up with something like this:



However, then came the new idea that students should respond to feedback. To work towards this, I introduced a quick literacy response to feedback strategy:


This didn’t feel as though it was enough though so after a conversation with a colleague, I agreed to trial a new strategy.


Working through the only part of the Star I did not like was the target box. So after seeing Sian Carter’s fantastic marking bag and speaking with her I changed the form to this:


Strengths and targets = traditional two stars and a wish
Things I have done well – in the exercise book, the student will find a highlighted green section – something they have done well. They must identify why this piece is highlighted in green – what is it about it that is strong?
Areas I need to improve: same as above but a piece highlighted in pink to suggest it can be improved and asking students to identify how they would improve it
Reflection: students personal reflection on their work – overall/summative
SPAG: direction to spellings and any literacy errors that are recurring.

(The forms are different colours for different year groups)

We are still in the process of trialling this strategy. I have asked two other members of the faculty to trial before we tweak, if necessary, and roll out.

If you would like a hard copy of the sheet, please email me or DM me on twitter.


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