Playing with marking, feedback and making progress.

My year 11s are currently preparing for the Edexcel GCSE in English and, in particular, the performance question for Macbeth.  In yesterday’s lesson, I gave them a key extract which I then wanted to use to help them respond to the performance question.

Rather than working in books, I gave students paper.  At the top of their paper they had the question and a brief/simple structure to help them with their response and then I gave students an amount of time to construct a response.

Macbeth 1

Once they had written their response, I marked their work with feedback in the margins.  Then on the next page, i displayed for both my use and the students’, the assessment criteria and two stars and a wish which I awarded to my students.  The first marking is where the criteria has been underlined in red.

macbeth 2

Then using my feedback, both in the margin and at the end, students re-draft their work.

Macbeth 3

macbeth 4

I then mark the work and go back to the assessment criteria where I highlight in green the criteria they have met and a target in pink for future development.  The idea being that, hopefully, students have moved forward with their responses – in this case the student did.

The reason why I like this is because

1) Completing on paper means no heavy exercise book carrying

2)Focus on shorter pieces of marking giving focused feedback to help improve

3) Students see the question, a suggested framework, the criteria

4) Students redraft on the same sheet which means they can refer to their previous work and target fairly easily

5) Demonstrates quite clearly whether the student has made progress or not.

Thanks to @janbaker97 for the original idea.


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