Monthly Archives: July 2015



So I haven’t blogged for a while – mainly because I have been too busy so here is my commitment to this summer – some will be work related and some will not.

1) I have a classroom next year which I am ecstatic about.  I am going to make this the most creative and inspiring space possible for my wonderful classes next year.  Nothing sets the tone more than an engaging space.

2) I am going to ‘research’.  Next year we are going to have one TL focus in the department – questioning.  So I am going to actively read as much as I can about the ‘research’ already done to find out as much as I can ahead of September.  I am really excited about having only one TL focus.

3) For myself, I would like to read more fiction.  I want to join the six books in six weeks challenge.  As yet I am undecided but find myself often steered by the old faithfuls – Richard and Judy.

4) I am going to tidy and de-clutter the two bedrooms upstairs.  A clear space = a clear head or something along those lines.

5) I want to turn my little side room downstairs into a creative space – either for art or textiles – I haven’t decided which hobby to take up yet.  I love art and would like to paint on canvas which I haven’t done before.  I also love Sewing Bee and have been inspired to try and dabble in a bit of sewing.

6) I will bake once a week.  Last year I made stromboli for the first time and it was delicious.  I also love setting myself food challenges.  For example, I have never filleted a fish or prepared a rack of lamb or made a hollandaise – things, as adults, I reckon we should have done.

7) I will take the bags and bags I have of unwanted clothes to the charity shop.

8) I will go and see my family.  My sister has been poorly and so it will be nice to catch up with them.

9) I will visit at least two new towns (somewhat dependent on 10).  I quite like to go to Reading or Swindon or Bristol.

10) I will recover well from my operation in the second week of August!

Have a great summer everyone!