Yr 7 – Language Through Time

This unit will recap the basic PEE structure for our new students while exploring a range of texts taken through different periods of time including Beowulf, The Knight, Macbeth and Dick Turpin.  Our distinct Grammar programme will support the unit by revisiting word classes.  The Checkpoint is intended to work as a formative assessment to further help students prepare for the Key Assessment.

STP Language Through Time Planning grid and overview of lessons

Week 1 Lessons 1-4 Language Through Time (available as flipcharts upon request)

Week 2 Lessons 5-8 Language Through Time (available as flipcharts upon request)

R1 Beowulf extract

R2 Beowulf extract

R3 PEE paragraph writing

R4 The Knight

R5 The Knight extract

R6 Rainbow analysis Thanks to @HeadofEnglish and @TillyTeacher for this idea/proforma

R7 Macbeth Hero or villain

Checkpoint Assessment


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