Year 7 grammar programme (Terms 1+2)

We teach grammar in both a contextualised and decontextualised way (the best of both worlds in my opinion).  We have one lesson a fortnight dedicated to grammar teaching and follow Daisy Christodoulou’s suggested programme.  You can find this here: (Slide 12).

Below is the grammar workbook I have produced for year 7 covering: The parts of speech: verbs, nouns, articles, adjectives, prepositions.  Subject-verb agreement and tense.  Aside from tense, the supporting texts have been chosen to fit in with our units in Term 1: Language Through Time and in Term 2: An Introduction to Poetry.  Therefore, this may need some adaptation to make relevant for the units you are going to teach.  These lessons will take students all the way through terms 1 and 2 (or until Christmas).

I will producing flipcharts but at the moment I need to try and get Year 8 and Year 9 done.

Year 7 Grammar Programme

Yr 7 Grammar workbook


3 thoughts on “Year 7 grammar programme (Terms 1+2)

  1. Your grammar booklet is wonderful! This is one of the most useful, accessible and engaging grammar resources I’ve ever seen – you are an absolute star for sharing this 🙂

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