Year 7 grammar programme Spring term

As outlined before we teach grammar in both a contextualized and decontextualized way (the best of both worlds in my opinion).  We have one lesson a fortnight dedicated to grammar teaching and follow Daisy Christodoulou’s suggested programme.  You can find this here: (Slide 12).

Below is the grammar workbook I have produced for year 7 covering: simple sentences, compound sentences, commas in a list, complex sentences with the embedded clause, complex sentences with subordinating conjunctions. The supporting texts are predominantly fiction to tie in with the novel we are teaching this term.  Therefore, this may need some adaptation to make relevant for the units you are going to teach.  These lessons will take students all the way through terms 3 and 4(or until Easter).

I will be creating the checkpoint (or assessment in bad terms) later on in the term.

Yr 7 grammar planning grid Spring term

Yr 7 grammar workbook Spring term


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