Reading journal

Hugely influenced by Donalyn Miller – author of The Book Whisperer and Reading in the Wild, this is the journal I have put together to use with my year 7s in the new academic year.

The reading journals will be issued during students first lesson with me.  Once all the admin has been completed I intend to spend the rest of the lesson talking about reading.  I will share the books I have read over the summer and ask the students to do the same.  I will then share my ‘to read’ pile and discuss how and why I line up my choices.  They will also visit the library to ensure all students have a book.

Within the first two weeks students will complete the interest survey and the reading attitudes survey.  The interest survey is a way in to the students to identify their likes and dislikes that can then be matched to books.  The reading attitudes survey will tell me what I need to know when planning ahead for the reading year.

I love the idea of the 40 book challenge and wanted to do it last year and then our wise government decided to overhaul English leaving me little time for anything else.  I love the fact it encourages the reading of a range of genres as this will really enhance the students’ reading repertoire.  What is key is that I will follow the same challenge and do it alongside the students.  This is important because I need to show them I am striving to be a better reader as well.  I will also complete the journal – the interest survey, the reading attitudes, the reading log and reflections.  I might give mine to my HOF to review ;-P

It has been argued that many students do not like writing full reviews of the books they read.  Therefore, this simplified form, adapted from Donalyn enables students to record their reading without it having to be onerous.  However, the reading reflections are longer reflections which I am going to get my students to do in their fortnightly library lesson.    Donalyn does these at letters to herself which I think is a really nice idea.

Finally at the end of the year, there is an opportunity for reflection.

Let me know if I have missed anything.

Reading journal


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