Blood Brother’s Act One Comprehension booklet

So in class we will be studying Macbeth with year 11.

However, I want my students to not lose the thread with the other texts so for homework, students will be re-reading Blood Brothers in Terms 1/2.

Having not taught year 10 last year, the first thing I think is key is ensuring students are clear on what they are being assessed on.  So for me, it’s really important the students are clear that in the Post 1914 literature section (Edexcel) they understand that they are being assessed on their reference to text but also their understanding of context.

Therefore, this booklet is thread together with context sitting at the heart of it.

There is a quick summary of the relevant context, key questions that have context at the heart of them, key quotations to learn for context and finally two essay basic frameworks which will be discussed in class first.

The Act One booklet is here (as many of you are aware, I have a class made up of students who have studied different texts so must also do one for An Inspector Calls – going to be a fun year!):

Blood Brothers Act 1 Comprehension booklet




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