Quotation menus

Seen a few menus on Twitter and then I had the idea about using menu holders to place quotation cards.  For the first two weeks this is the quotation menu card I will be using with my class:

Quotation menu 1

These will be placed on each table (and removed for my year 7 class).

Students will rote learn these with quizzes at the start of every lesson.  The key thing is that there is a quotation presence.

After two weeks, a new menu will go up with new quotations.  I will still quiz / rote learn on the old ones but with the new ones in the mix too.  One technique someone suggested works well is by removing different parts of the quotation.  So I would rote learn ‘We are all members of one body’ and then I will quiz sometimes with the words ‘An Inspector Calls’, ‘A Christmas Carol’ and ask them to recall and then show different parts of the quotation for them to fill in the rest.  e.g. ‘We are all ____ of one body.’  ‘We are all members of _____ body.’ ‘We are all members of one ____.’

I have also purchased key ring fobs so that when the quotations get taken down, students will receive a slip to attach to their key ring with the quotation on, building up their bank over the year.





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