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JH comprehension booklet

Does what it says on the tin.  Taken from a great study guide but a workable document.



A work in progress – Macbeth linguistic and structural technique flashcards

These are not complete.  They are born from an idea I saw on Twitter, re. inference cards and I thought they could be applied to linguistic and structural terminology which my students are finding hard.

Flashcards to be laminated for revision purposes or for challenge tasks when all other work is done.  Students could use these to practise constructing paragraph responses ahead of their exam 🙂



Memory – the starting point

I have a crap memory so these new examinations scare me.  I have challenged myself to learn the quotations alongside my year 11 class.  Every morning as I am walking to the bus, I am going to learn three quotations.

On Friday, I started the process of memorisation with my year 11s as we completed a range of memory tasks taken from the book ‘How to develop a brilliant memory’ which is available on Amazon for under a £1.  The focus was on establishing how good our memory is.  I scored 56 eek!

Here is the lesson.  I can’t upload flipchart on here so if you would like the flipchart version then drop me a line!


Personalised Learning – PEEFEE writing

At my school we use PEEFEE to analyse texts:

P – point

E – evidence

E – explanation

FE – focused exploration – analysis of language, structure, form , contextual links etc

E – effect

Year 7 students have been introduced to this structure.  For their KS2 exams, only one of these ‘PEE’ paragraphs are required so it is a fairly new skill for them to learn.  They had written a PEEFEE on Beowulf before moving on to The Canterbury Tales.  The personalised learning lesson happens after my marking of my students PEEFEE paragraphs on The Canterbury Tales.  The idea is that once they have had their specific feedback, I will organise them into groups: those who haven’t quite nailed the point/evidence part of the paragraph; those who haven’t quite nailed the explanation part of the paragraph; those who haven’t nailed the focused exploration and those who need to tweak their effect and they will have an opportunity to work in groups to develop a particular skill.  This work is completed in these groups independently whilst  I work with the students who are doing the point/evidence.