Edexcel resources


  1. Exam overview


2. Exam overview door posters





3. AO overview

Chart summarising each AO, percentages and which parts of the paper each AO is targeted in.


4. Edexcel marksheets







5. AO2 glossary

I scanned all the mark-schemes to come up with the definitive glossary for my students (although having read The elements of eloquence I now have some more to add!)


6. AO2 booklet

AO2 is worth 15% of English Language GCSE and a staggering 42% of the Literature.  Therefore, during the revision period, it is a must!  I have created this booklet.  The booklet is divided into three sections:

Section a – subject terminology with definitions and a few exercises

Section b – nine distinct lessons to practise applying and responding to key questions.

Section c – further practice papers (mine will do one a week)



Time and Place

7. Poetry glossary glossary-of-poetic-terms

8. Retention quizzes final-poetry-retention-booklet

9. Nothing’s Changed and Stewart Island booklet nc-and-si-poetry-booklet 

10. Presents from my aunt in Pakistan and Hurricane Hits England booklet  PP and HHE Poetry booklet

11. Micro-quotes Time and Place micro-quotes-for-poetry


An Inspector Calls

12. An Inspector Calls plot summary bookmark aic-plot-summary-booklet

13. An Inspector Calls Easter revision booklet An Inspector revision


Blood Brothers

14. Knowledge organiser blood-brothers-knowledge-organiser

15. Blood Brothers plot summary bookmark blood-brothers-plot-summary-bookmark

16. Blood Brothers Easter revision booklet Blood Brothers revision

17. Blood Brothers structure strip Blood Brothers structure strip


Jekyll and Hyde

18. Pre-reading – chapter questions: jh-comprehension-questions

19. Jekyll and Hyde six week booklet jh-booklet1 

20. Jekyll and Hyde bookmark (chapter summaries) jh-bookmark

21. Jekyll and Hyde Easter revision written by Kaz Armstrong Jekyll and Hyde revision



22. Macbeth Knowledge Organiser macbeth-ko 

23. Macbeth Easter revision booklet Macbeth revision

24. Macbeth part (a) structure strip Macbeth Part A – Structure strips

25. Macbeth part (b) structure strip Macbeth Part B – Structure strip

26. Macbeth part (b) homework macbeth-part-b-homework

27. Macbeth quotations by theme Macbeth quotations organised by theme

28. Macbeth Sample question 1 Sample Macbeth question LM and ambition

29. Macbeth Sample question 2 Sample Macbeth question M and B and deceit

30. Macbeth Sample question 3 Sample Macbeth question M and kingship

31. Macbeth Sample question 4 Sample Macbeth question the witches and supernatural

32. Macbeth Sample question 5 Sample Macbeth question M and revenge and justice

33. Macbeth section a formative marking slip Part a formative marking slip

34. Macbeth section b formative marking slip Part b formative marking slip


A Christmas Carol

35. A Christmas Carol Easter revision booklet A Christmas Carolv2



36. Knowledge Organiser written by our wonderful Sophie Francis writing-ko-sfr

37. 250 word writing challenges (incomplete)

Created by our fab English department

poetry-writing-challenges1 (Time and Place related)

macbeth-writing-challenges written by Kaz Armstrong and Sophie Francis

A Christmas Carol writing challenges written by Marija Rutherford




Jekyll and Hyde writing challenges written by Ria Macrae



Speaking and Listening

38. Presentation booklet (not quite finished – needs lessons on responding to questions and presentation skills) gcse-speaking-and-listening-booklet 


Paper 1

39. Sample Paper 1 no. 1

40. Sample Paper 1 no. 2

41. Sample Paper 1 no. 3

42. Sample Paper 1 no. 4

43. Sample Paper 1 no. 5



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