Nurture 16/17

Here were my hopes for 2016

Hopes for 2015/2016


  1. Bring the cohesiveness of the team back but with increased expectations and shared workload.  Try and balance the schizophrenic feelings this year and accept that all will not be perfect but good enough will have to do this year.  Continue to write SOW and push progress forward.  Maintain good results whilst trying to step back and let our KS4 co-ordinator do the job (very hard!)

Our results held – I mean language dropped but lit was good.  Schemes of work are still in development and, to be honest, it’s exhausting.  Three specifications (both Lit and Lang) in three years has meant soooo much upheaval. I hope these new specs stay for a while.

2. I am fortunate to be given the opportunity to work with PGCEs, NQTs and Teach First participants by our VP.  If I was to consider progression upwards, then this is where i would like to go so I want to make the most of this opportunity.

I loved working with our two Teach Firsts and our NQTs.  This position has now gone to a VP so not something I’m involved with currently this year.

3. Continue to think about the health and wellbeing of staff.  This year so far I have organised a staff bake off and the chocolate box.  Want to up this in 2016.

I’m going to pause on this one.


  1. Be happy.  I have been miserable these past two terms because they have been hard, really hard.  I have cried.  I have written my resignation and i have nearly given up.  And yet i am one of the most resilient people i know.  I need to find the fight to see this through.

The first term is the toughest and I think I am learning that November is the month that makes me want to quit.  Next November I might sign myself off for a month

2. Travel more – Sweden is booked with two of my fab colleagues and I have a feeling Italy will be a place I see fairly regularly this year.  I need to pick up the Italian again.

Yep. Went to Sweden, two weeks in Italy and ticked Auschwitz off the list.  I love to travel.  It makes me feel alive.

3. Work on my friendships.  Have people over for dinner, meet up with people more often.  Laugh with others.

Lots of laughter.  I moved to Salisbury as well – so much more sociable

4. Lose weight – portion control, gym and care.

I’ve joined the gym.  I’m going to be fat and happy.

5. Have one day off at the weekend.   I need to rest.  I am tired.

Yes!  Have Saturdays off generally.

6. Blog more often.  I have achieved so much and i would like to blog more about the professional aspects of what I do.  Aim = two a month.

I blog.  Not that often.  Like others I often not sure what to say.

7. Read – Count is currently 32 so let’s go for 40 next year!

With one day to go, am on 43.


Hopes for 2017

  1. Simplicity.  I love being at home.  Love reading.  Love films.  Love sleep.  Keep things simple and life is totally good.
  2. Continue to travel: Copenhagen is up first in Feb.  Still got Norway, Finland and Portugal to do.
  3. Continue to be uncompromising.  Education is not about being put into a straight-jacket (nor is leadership).  Remain true to myself.  Follow my heart but make decisions carefully, using my head.
  4. Write SOW for the GCSE spec which means I don’t have to do any new spec planning for a while.
  5. Have a Eurovision party.  My house would hold a great party.
  6. Read 52 books.

2 thoughts on “Nurture 16/17

  1. Hi! Just read your latest musings and felt inspired and thankful that there are still teachers like you in schools: passionate, caring, innovative and most of all, wanting to do the very best for the children you teach. I’ve been retired over four years now and many of the things you’ve written resonate with me still, today. I’m lucky that I still tutor and, therefore, have an opportunity to make a difference, albeit to a few rather than whole classes.
    Just keep going, even in the most desperate of times. Education needs people like you. Happy New Year and best of luck next term.

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