KS3 units

Three years into my role and three years of constant spec changes with changes affecting KS3.  No more.  I’ve decided this year…even though it means working every Saturday…I am going to have all units written and in place before September for ALL year groups.  Next year, I am going to reclaim my life.  For sure.  Well, that’s the blinking plan.  So as I write them, I will share the KS3 units here.

Eventually the units will contain the following:

  1. A Medium Term Plan
  2. Student booklet
  3. Formative Assessments
  4. Summative Assessment
  5. Homework grid


Long Term Plans

Y7 Long Term Planv2

Y8 Long Term Planv2

Y9 Long Term Plan FINAL


Y7 Unit 1: Language through Time

A four week unit revising / introducing year 7 students to analysis of language and the TEEE structure (Technique, supporting Example, Explanation and Effect).  Texts used are Beowulf, The Canterbury Tales, All the World’s a Stage and The Ballad of Dick Turpin.

  1. y7-unit-1-lang-through-time-mtp
  2. y7-unit-1-lang-through-time-booklet
  3. To be produced
  4. dec-summative-assessment-la and Dec summative assessment MA HA
  5. To be produced

Y7 Unit 2b: Text structure

A four week unit introducing students to some of the different features of text structure using a range of fiction text.

  1. To be produced
  2. y7-unit-2b-text-structure-booklet
  3. To be produced
  4. march-summative-assessment-la1 and march-summative-assessment-ma-ha1
  5. To be produced

Y8 Short Stories Unit 4b – Lamb to the Slaughter and The Speckled Band

  1. Unit 4 Short Stories MTP
  2. Unit 4 Short Stories booklet
  3. To be produced
  4. To be produced
  5. To be produced

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