KS3 planning for 17-18


I don’t know where my KS3 resource post went so let’s build this again…one scheme of work at a time

  1. My Long Term KS3 plans

Y7 Long Term Plan1

Y8 Long Term Planv2

Y9 Long Term Plan FINAL

2. Progression map spanning KS3-KS5

Progression maps 17-18

Y7 LME grid Year 7 LME grid

Y8 LME grid Year 8 LME grid

Y9 LME grid Year 9 LME grid

3. Core Knowledge ladders

Year 7 Learning ladder

Year 8 Learning Ladder

Year 9 Learning Ladder

Units of work

Year 7

3. Language through time – poetry (Invictus, If, Desiderata, I shall Rise) (a work in progress)

3a. Poetry MTP

3b. Poetry planning grid

3c. Poetry student booklet

3d. Poetry homework grid

3e. Poetry vocabulary book

3f. Poetry fortnight knowledge tests.


Year 8

4. Oliver Twist (a work in progress)

4a. Oliver Twist MTP

4b. Oliver Twist Planning grid

4c. Oliver Twist student workbook

4d. Oliver Twist homework grid

4e. Oliver Twist vocabulary booklet

4f. Oliver Twist fortnightly knowledge tests

Year 9

5. Of Mice and Men (a work in progress – things on here are unfinished but a safe place to store :-))

5a. Of Mice and Men MTP NEW Of Mice and Men MTP v1

5b. Of Mice and Men planning grid NEW Of Mice and Men PG v1

5c. Of Mice and Men student booklet Of Mice and Men part 1

5d. Of Mice and Men homework grid Of Mice and Men homework grid

5e. Of Mice and Men vocabulary booklet

5f. Of Mice and Men fortnightly knowledge tests: Test 1 –  NEW Of Mice and Men Knowledge Test 1


5. Displays

Sentence types – simple, compound and complex

Sentence types – declarative, exclamatory, imperative, interrogative

Sentence types – James Theo – James Theo originally did these posters and so did some kind soul on Dropbox (should have known it was the wonderful @heymrshallahan).  I have simply simplified so they can be seen easily.

Language terminology hangs from my board – term on one side and def on the other

Structural terminology – hangs from my board – term on one side and def on the other


PUNCTUATION Originally taken from TES











thinking and writing stems created by Ria Macrae

6. Our faculty whole class marking and feedback sheet

Whole class marking and feedback sheet




2 thoughts on “KS3 planning for 17-18

  1. PLEASE can you make the short stories booklet available again? The one that includes ‘Lamb to the Slaughter’

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