Reading Journal

After today’s TES article, I have uploaded an updated version of The Wellington Academy’s Reading Journal which is issued or will be issued to all pupils in years 7-9.

Reading Journal 2017-2018

The reading journal challenges pupils to read 40 books across the year and is organised into sections.

  1. Opening section – opportunity to record pupils’ AR scores.  We do this three times a year and will be using the AR screening facility.
  2. Interest survey – as recommended by Donalyn Miller.  An interest survey enables you to identify what your pupils are interested in which makes book recommendations easier.
  3. Attitudes towards Reading Survey – this helps me to establish my pupils current attitudes towards reading.  It provides an effective baseline and a similar survey is present at the end of the booklet to measure the difference in attitudes across the year.
  4. The 40 book challenge with the aim of widening pupils’ reading habits so they read a range of genres and text types.  Includes a graph to tally their progress.
  5. New for this year – a log, albeit a brief one.  Our excellent Teach First Ria Macrae would start each week by bringing up a log on the board and asking pupils what they were reading and where they were up to.  (This happened during our 10 mins DEAR time).  I am keen we track readers and what they are reading more closely as we do have some pupils who flit from book to book without reading anything consistently and I want to knuckle down on this which is why I’ve included it this year.
  6. Reading list – adapted from Donalyn Miller.  I am in total agreement with Donalyn that I don’t want pupils to think they have to write reams about a book when they have a read a book as this can be off-putting for some.  Instead we have opted for short simple reviews which have proven to be really effective this year.
  7. A reading wish-list to promote the idea that we are always thinking about our next read.
  8. End-of-year evaluation.

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