I am one of thousands taking to Twitter to share thoughts, ideas and resources about the work that goes on in classrooms across the country. All of us, I presume, do this to get better. I look forward to developing and using this blog as another resource that will help me reflect and become better.

I have been teaching for nearly 12 years. The first six years were spent in a state comprehensive. At the time of joining it was a category 4 for behaviour. Over the process of six years, and a new head, the school went from a 4 to a grade 2. During this time I successfully completed my NQT induction, introduced a GCSE and led on this before becoming shared HOD for the English Faculty. When I took over the running of KS3, results were unsatisfactory and within two years, I was able to turn this round, leaving outstanding results behind as I made my way to Italy. I worked in Padua for two years as a teacher of English to students for whom English was a second language. I then returned to the UK and joined an outstanding faculty. I was appointed with a TLR and was responsible for Speaking and Listening, Functional Skills, the VLE and events and competitions. Within six months of taking this position, the 2ic went off on maternity leave and I found myself stepping up to fulfil the 2ic role for a year and a half. In September I took on Whole School Literacy, leading INSET on Literacy Across the Curriculum. In February, I was appointed Director of English at The Wellington Academy. This is my first solo gig and I am both excited and nervous to be taking the lead…let’s see how it goes…


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